Wins for Antwerp, Oostende, Mons and Aalst in the EMBL Playoffs

Wins for Antwerp, Oostende, Mons and Aalst in the EMBL Playoffs this wednesday

Oostende won Wednesday night at home against Spirou de Charleroi (86-74) for the first round of the quarter-finals of the playoffs. At the same time, Aalst won against Limburg United (77-68), while Antwerp and Mons respectively won at home against Leuven (82-63) and Mechelen (84-60).

Charleroi play good and hard in the first half (21-22 and 45-40 at the break) thanks to Sergio Llorente (15 points). The return from the locker room was on the other hand more complicated. The Oostende collective accelerated in the 3rd quarter to make the difference (24-15), widen the gap (69-55) and win (86-74) thanks to Loïc Schwartz (17 points), Amar Sylla (19 points) and Haris Bratanovic (11 points in 12 minutes).

After a completely missed first quarter (14-28), Antwerp turned the tide at home against Leuven. The Antwerpers passed in front just before the break (39-38) before continuing their momentum to afford an easy victory (82-63) thanks to a controlled second half.

Limburg United almost created a surprise in the Forum. At the controls of the meeting for thirty minutes (13-22 / 28-35 and 49-55), Sacha Massot’s team was overwhelmed in a last one-sided quarter won (28-13) by the Aalstois who could count on the MVP of the season, Vladimir Mihailovic (21 points), to win (77-68).

Mons easily defeated Mechelen in a controlled game for 40 minutes. The Montois quickly took control thanks to Anthony Lambot (15 points and 8 rebounds) at the break (49-27) before confirming in the second half (84-60).

These quarter-finals are played for the best of three sets (the first team to win two matches is qualified). The second round is scheduled for Friday and the teams that traveled this Wednesday will welcome their opponents at home.


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