The TDW1 final will not be played, Namur is the new champion

The TDW1 final will not be played, Namur is the new champion

The story has finally come to an end. Castors Braine decided not to play the TDW1 final scheduled today at 20H30, due to the COVID cases in the team. Only 5 players were available for this Final. Braine asked to reschedule the Final Saturday. Basketball Belgium was oke, if the situation suited both teams, but Namur decided to decline the proposition to play this Saturday. For example, 2 players from Namur already have flights booked to return in their countries.

If a team doesn’t show up to tonight’s game, the title will be for the other finalist, said Basketball Belgium in multiple press releases. But for Castors Braine no one should be crowned champion: “Our team withdraws from the competition. The competition is stopped and therefore no one should be crowned champion.

After a last meeting, Basketball Belgium decided to award the title to Namur.

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  1. It is a pity that de final of the Belgian championship cannot take place under normal circumstances. But in all fairness to Namur- they are just following the rules that were agreed amongst the 4 play off teams and the federation prior to the start of the play offs. The protocol clearly states that in case a team is subject to a large number of covid cases and they are not able to play the final- the match would not be postponed and the opponent team would be champion. This is also in alignment with the clear agreement that was made that seasons stops on 30th april taking into account international calendars and contractual player terms.

    So all in all- in case one of the teams does not show up- the other team will win the finals.

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