Niels Foerts’ family reacts: “Niels was not treated correctly by the club”

Niels Foerts’ family reacts after his departure from Brussels: “Niels was not treated correctly by the club”

Now that it is official that Niels Foerts will not play for Brussels anymore, his father, Johan, decided to tell his truth. According to him, Brussels didn’t treated Niels correctly: ” In April 2020, we reached an agreement for a seventh campaign. Off-season, Niels trained with the new coach Hanavan, he was one of the only ones present at all training sessions from April to July. He was really looking forward to this new season and was motivated. The contract officially went into effect on August 1. A negative medical screening within 72 hours could have a suspensive effect. The club had then attracted two players to his position with Thomas Massamba and Darius Washington. On August 7, we received a message from the club that the contract would not go ahead on medical grounds, while the medical tests had not yet taken place and the legal period of 72 hours had passed. Consternation everywhere. Niels was not treated properly. The club’s doctor has never made any reservations. An email to him went unanswered!”, tells Johan Foerts to HLN.

Johan Foerts

I can back up the whole story with evidence.

Niels went to Antwerp to undergo an in-depth medical screening: “At the UZA, Niels was subjected to an in-depth medical screening with favorable results. In the meantime, the club asked out of frustration to return the car while it was known that the certificate would be received a week later. Their plan to ‘drop off’ Niels failed. I can back up the whole story with evidence. The bullying kept coming. The club felt the pressure of the press and the fans and Niels was allowed to start five matches in the starting five At the end of the season, things went wrong again. He is still waiting for a considerable sum of back wages. We had to respond because the story could break his career. The things we read in the press are simply untrue. Niels has never been rebellious and endured everything. The relationship with the coach was always good. For months on end, he continued to train longer. In the meantime, he has contacts with several teams.”

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