Nice performance for Jean Salumu (VIDEO)

Nice performnce for Jean Salumu with Rasta Vechta against Syntainics MBC.

In 19 minutes from the bench, the Belgian Lion recorded 17 points and 4 rebounds. But it is another loss for Rasta Vechta (82-72). Vechta remains winless with 8 losses in 8 games.

Thomas Päch, Rasta Vechta’s coach: ” The story is relatively short: if we cannot use our opportunities offensively, this has such a big effect on our defensive side that it will be difficult for us. But we found a way back into the game in the second half. That was important, there was a lot of fight, a lot of struggle, the boys never gave up. The one decisive possession, the one decisive stop, that was the foul in the Michalak three-point. That was the situation where we might be able to tear up the game again. But then the MBC plays with so much self-confidence that we don’t have that right now, that we have to regain it.

Full boxscore.

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