Liège Basket’s drastic turn-around

As most of you have probably already heard/read on several sites, Liège Basket has been taken over by some new investors, CFP Investment Group. One of their founding members is Ernie Cambo who will take over as president for Liège Basket. So far so good, but unfortunately Cambo is also co-owner of the sports agency Mickael Sports Group. Amongst their stable is Royce Hamm Jr. from the Antwerp Giants.

When the news hit we immediately wondered how ethical it is for an Agency to own a basketball club. Obviously it’s good news for Liège that their financial issues will be resolved, but having a sports agency having their own little club to play with and stack their players in… is that really to the benefit of Liège Basket?

We’re only a couple of days later and already our suspicions about MSG’s intentions are being answered. The entire Liège coaching staff is fired and replaced by people represented by the agency, Head Coach Brad Greenberg and Assistant Coach Daniel Gutt. Besides a new coaching staff they have also added 2 new players from their agency to the roster with A.J. John who started the season in the Second Division in Greece where he averaged 18.8 ppg & 10.5 rpg and Anthony Cambo (the son of new president Ernie Cambo) who played in the Spanish Third Division (LEB Silver) at the start of the season where he averaged 0.6 ppg & 1.1 rpg.

So yeah, these changes definitely raise some questions in our minds about the direction Liège is now headed in.

What do you guys think?

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