Joshua Heath returns to Leuven!

Excellent news from Leuven as they have announced the return of their floor-leader of these past 3 seasons: Joshua Heath.

After three excellent seasons with Leuven, Heath had the opportunity to try out closer at home in the G-League and although he had already prolonged his contract with Leuven, both parties came to an agreement and so it seemed Heath’s reign as Leuven’s floorleader had come to an unexpected end.

Unfortunately for Heath (but fortunate for Leuven) Heath’s contract with the Lakeland Magic was waived at the end of October, making him a free-agent again. Heath didn’t hesitate and contacted the Leuven Bears, letting them know he was able and very much willing to return to the university city. The Leuven Bears didn’t hesitate either, thus welcoming back their former captain who will be able to suit up for their next game on November 19th against Liège.

The return of Heath also means that his replacement Zan Kosic – who’s on a try-out contract until November 15th – won’t be renewed and played his final game for Leuven this past Wednesday against Brussels. In his 5 games with Leuven Kosic averaged a solid 10.0 ppg, 2.8 rpg, 3.2 apg & 1.4 spg in 29.6 mpg but was never really able to fill the hole Heath’s departure had left.

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