10 Basketball Movies on Netflix

In our eyes – basketball is the greatest sport on earth. In desperate times when you can’t get out on the court due to bad weather, injuries,  or elements out of your control, basketball movies on Netflix are a welcome sight. 

Not only is basketball one of the most popular sports in North America and Europe, but it is also taking the entire world by storm. 

Countries like China and the Philippines are obsessed and diving into sneaker trends. Countries that have previously been encompassed by European Football are starting to add basketball to their watch list. 

If you’re stuck inside or are looking for a great basketball movie on Netflix – add these to your watchlist and enjoy the motivation, laughter and hype that is basketball. 

Basketball Movies on Netflix for Training Motivation 

Motivation is the largest factor behind any great athlete. Those that work the hardest will always outperform those with the gifts. Check out these great basketball movies on Netflix to get your daily dose of motivation. 

1. Coach Carter

Perhaps the most well-known basketball movie on Netflix. Coach Carter is the story of a lack-lustre basketball team with no leadership, no structure in a beat-down neighbourhood. 

The story sees the master of basketball coaching (Coach Carter) come back to his high school to drag his team from zero to hero. 

Along the way, you develop an appreciation for the characters, their ghetto environment, the beauty of their game and the influence that a great coach can have on a team. 

Those who have just been beaten down by their coach in a conditioning workout and need some sympathy need look no further than Coach Carter. 

2. The Last Dance

If there was ever a documentary to settle the age-old debate of who is better – MJ or Lebron, this is it. 

The Last Dance shares context into the most influential basketball player there has ever been – Michael Jordan

The Last Dance may not be a basketball movie on Netflix, but it is perhaps the best documentary TV series we have ever seen. 

Through captivating and personal footage, The Last Dance takes a deep dive into the entire career of the most famous basketball player to ever play the game. 

Sneaker-heads will rejoice at seeing the classic Air Jordan’s, basketball trainers will love the practice trash-talking and those who don’t know the game can’t help but be captivated by the moves Jordan performs on the court. 

The Last Dance is a must watch basketball movie on Netflix and sets you up perfectly to enter the ongoing debate for the GOAT. 

3. Giants of Africa

No, this isn’t a movie about mystical beasts – but rather the story of the infamous Masai Ujiri, better known as the Toronto Raptors General Manager. 

Everyone remembers the Toronto Raptors taking down the Golden State Warriors to clinch their first-ever NBA championship – and although everyone attributes Kawhi and Lowry for their efforts, it was Masai who assembled the team and traded DeRozan away for an injured Kawhi. 

Masai is known for making risky trades and assembling creative teams with a small budget, but he also has a pipeline of upcoming talent in Africa through his youth basketball program. 

Giants of Africa is the story of how young athletes can come and go, but some special talents rise to stardom. If you’re craving a heartfelt story to show your basketball team to appreciate the game, their gym and each other – Giants of Africa is perfect. 

4. Basketball or Nothing 

Basketball is a game played with a variety of different coaching styles. While some like to play at a slow pace, looking for weakness’ in the defence – others, like the stars of Basketball or Nothing push the ball, sprinting and shooting everything they can. 

Basketball or Nothing is the story of the Chinle basketball team of the Navajo Nation and their attempt to conquer the competition, and rise to basketball dominance. 

Alcohol and drugs plague some of their communities and basketball provides freedom and distraction. 

This basketball documentary takes you for a ride into the lives of the athletes, and their quest to win the state championship. Against all odds, their coach and their star players put their heart and soul into the game. 

If this Netflix series doesn’t hype you up to play basketball at a high level – you might be involved in the wrong sport. 

5. The Carter Effect

The last decade, Canada has slowly risen to be one of the most efficient and effective countries for producing basketball players. Steve Nash, Tristan Thompson, Kelly Olynyk, Andrew Wiggins, Chris Boucher, RJ Barret, Jamal Murray – the list goes on. 

In fact, according to Forbes.com, behind the United States, Canada has the second-highest number of active NBA players. 

This wasn’t always the case. 

Canada used to be a country dominated by Hockey – until the Carter Effect came into play. 

The Carter Effect is a basketball documentary that details the rise of arguably the best dunker in NBA basketball history – and how wearing the Raptor on his jersey changed the city of Toronto – and the country of Canada. 

Those who want a last-night Friday movie on how a ball can change a country – should add the Carter Effect to their watchlist on Netflix. 

Funny Basketball Movies on Netflix Everyone Needs to See

Not interested in being hyped up about basketball and rather enjoy a good laugh with some friends? Here are two of our favourite funny basketball movies on Netflix. 

6. Space Jam

Space Jam is an absolute classic. The story of Michael Jordan, aka, the GOAT, pairing up with Buggs Bunny to defeat an army of mutant aliens in a basketball game is ridiculous, heartwarming and epic. 

The movie features a cast fo NBA superstars like Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues, David Robinson, Larry Bird and of course – Michael Jordan. 

While taking part in a routine golf game with his Buddies, Jordan is somehow transported to an alternate cartoon universe. Freaky – right? 

It doesn’t stop there. 

Although this movie may sound silly it is a true classic and needs to be on the watch list for any basketball fan. Pair this movie with a Saturday matinee, extra-butter popcorn and a cup of Michael’s Secret Stuff (spoiler alert) and you have a winning formula (pun intended). 

7. Juwanna Man

What do you do when the men’s basketball league kicks you out of competition? Dress up as a woman and compete in the Women’s basketball league – of course. 

Juwanna Man might be the most ridiculous basketball movie on Netflix but you cannot deny how hilarious this movie is. 

Juwanna Man is a great movie for those who are not particularly interested in the narrative of basketball and just want a funny movie to watch that isn’t a romantic comedy (or is it)? 

Alternative Basketball Movies Rising in Popularity

Some movies are not popular but are still great to watch. Here is a list of three alternative basketball movies on Netflix that caught our eye. 

8. Amateur 

Professional athletes are making more money than they ever have and that means every scout wants to find the next big star for their franchise. 

Amateur is the story of a talented teenager who rises to stardom using media and a well-crafted basketball game. 

If you’re sitting on your phone reading this thinking about dreams of becoming a famous basketball player, amateur is the story of how it happens. 

Great athletes know that hard work is the only substitute for success. 

Watch this basketball movie on Netflix for an alternative view on how to make it big in basketball. 

9. High Flying Bird

Basketball could be one of the fastest-growing sports globally and that means sneakers are being sold, contracts are being signed and hundreds of thousands of threes are being taken every day – but what happens when the season goes into a lockdown? 

In High Flying Bird, a young upcoming basketball star runs into some difficulty finding his path when the season closes. Finding a new agent he is quickly pulled into a new revenue opportunity where he is the leader of his financial future. 

Can media and a self-directed path take this basketball star to infamous status – or is the old way of televised basketball the only way to create a name for yourself. Checkout High Flying Bird on Netflix today. 

10. Q Ball

Basketball is freedom. On the court – nothing else exists but the offence and the defence. Q Ball is a basketball movie on Netflix that takes you into the lives of basketball players that seek and find freedom playing a game they love. 

This alternative basketball movie is executive produced by Kevin Durant and features a host of prison inmates that train their hearts out in the goal of improving their game and improving the outcomes of their lives when they are set free from the confines of prison. 

For now, the only freedom they have is the freedom of basketball in motion. 

Those looking for a basketball movie on Netflix that brings hope to your heart need look no further than Q Ball. 

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