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TIB EMBL Team of the Month of April

Congratulations, Loïc Schwartz, Vladimir Mihailovic, Tim Lambrecht, Ryan Kriener and Skylar Spencer. You made it to the TIB EMBL Team of the Month of April, your grandkids will admire you. February-March: Dusan Djordjevic – Domien Loubry – Vladimir Mihailovic – Jean-Marc Mwema – Ryan Kriener January: Jabril Durham – Alex Libert – Vladimir Mihailovic – Pierre-Antoine…


TIB Power Ranking: Players on EMBL teams (December 27th)

Much like last season we at TIB will again publish our several Power Rankings throughout the season. Our ranking is based on the TIB rating which is calculated using the players’ stats and is somewhat similar to the standard efficiency rating but also takes into account the level of competition the player competes in and…


Mons beats Leuven (73-84)

Mons beats Leuven (73-84), in Euromillions Basketball League. In the opening half, the players of Vedran Bosnic were dominated by Leuven as the score moved from 24-22 after the first quarter to 47-38 at the half. After the break however, Mons completely reversed the trend following in the wake of a smooth scoring Arik Smith…


Mons beats Aalst (79-70)

Mons beats Aalst in Euromillions Basketball League (79-70). This fourth victory in Mons in as many games has never been questioned in a meeting where the gap has continued to grow throughout the game which was the first of the season in Aalst. The first quarter was rather balanced and Mons was only up by…


TIB High Five (11-13 December)

Here is weekly TIB High Five (11-13 December). Dusan Djordjevic The General had the best performance index rating of all BCO-players in the loss against Mons. “Is this normal at the age of 37?” was the rhetorical question of Dario Gjergja. After an awful third quarter (11-25), nine-time EMBL champ Djordjevic tried to turn things…


Mons beats Oostende (72-75)

Mons beats Oostende (72-75) this Sunday afternoon. Oostende layed without Haris Bratanovic, who tested positive for Covid-19, Servaas Buysschaert and Pierre-Antoine Gillet, are injured. Oostende started the game strongly. Dario Gjergja’s players took an easy lead after the first quarter (27-15). Mons reacted well in the second quarter, thanks to an excellent Arik Smith. But…


Mons beats Brussels (80-77)

Last week-end before the start of the season for EMBL teams. Before playing the opening game of the season against Antwerp, Brussels played his last preseason game against Mons without their starting center Ryan Richards. This has been a back-and-forth first quarter between the 2 teams and the game was tied after one quarter (20-20…

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Brussels beats Mons (70-75)

Another preseason game was held yesterday in Mons. And things started pretty well for Mons and Auston Barnes (15 points in the first quarter ! ) and it was 25-20 after 10′. In the second quarter, both teams showed some interesting defensive sequences (40-35 after 20′). In the third quarter, Ian Hanavan’s team took the…

European Competitions

No Champions League this season for Mons-Hainaut

Mons-Hainaut will not be playing in their first ever Champions League competition this season as they lost it 71-86 in the Finals of the Qualifiers against the Danes from Bakken Bears. Mons got the 5 point lead early in the opening quarter but it would turn out to be their only lead in the entire…