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Champions League

Hans Vanwijn posts double-double as Dijon defeats Keravnos (VIDEO)

Hans Vanwijn posts double-double as Dijon easily defeats Keravnos in the Champions League (44-79). Dijon played his last game in the Group B of the Champions League against Keravnos. They needed to win to keep their qualification hopes alive. And Hans Vanwijn was decisive in the win. In 33 minutes, the former Antwerp Giants player,…


Hans Vanwijn leads Dijon past Bourg-En-Bresse (VIDEO)

Hans Vanwijn leads Dijon past Bourg-En-Bresse this Saturday night (80-71). Another game, another big performance from Hans Vanwijn. After his big double-double last week, the Belgian Lion was the leader of Laurent Legname’s team. Against Bourg-En-Bresse, Vanwijn recorded 21 points (his biggest performance with Dijon), 5 rebounds and 2 steals. A very nice performance for…

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Champions League: Hans Vanwijn beats Retin Obasohan (VIDEO)

Yesterday in Champions League we had a Belgian clash: Hans Vanwijn against Retin Obasohan. And as always, since the start of the season, Dijon clinches victory. Hans Vanwijn, in the starting lineup, recorded 11 points 5 rebounds and 1 assists in only 17 minutes. For his first game with Nymburk, Retin Obasohan recorded 3 points,…

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Strong performance for Hans Vanwijn against Gravelines and Serge Crevecoeur

Last week, Hans Vanwijn established his record in LNB against Pau-Lacq-Orthez. This week against Gravelines-Dunkerques, Serge Crevecoeur‘s team, he recorded another strong performance: 16 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist in 23 minutes. Dijon is still undefeated in Jeep Elite with a 4-0 record. For Gravelines-Dunkerque and Serge Crevecoeur, the start of the season is…

Belgian Players Abroad

Big performance for Hans Vanwijn (VIDEO)

For his third game in Jeep Elite, Hans Vanwijn had his best performance so far for Dijon. Insert in the starting line up by Laurent Legname, the former Antwerp Giants player played 24 minutes where he recorded 18 points (7/9 from the field), 5 assists and 4 rebounds. Thanks to his all around performance, Dijon…