Limburg beats Antwerp, easy win for Aalst

Limburg beats Antwerp, easy win for Aalst this Friday evening.

On Friday evening, Mons won at home against Spirou Charleroi (94-82), Leuven, Limburg and Aalst won respectively against Brussels (88-98), Antwerp (80-74) and Mechelen (88-67).

Antwerp was defeated by Limburg United (80-74). Silas Melson was the top scorer with 27 points. Sterling Gibbs scored 21 points.

The clash between Bergen and Spirou lived up to expectations. However, the duo Jabril Durham (27 points) and Skylar Spencer (33 points and 12 rebounds) were too strong for the visitors. The Carolos held their own in the first half (23-22 and 48-43), mainly thanks to Tim Lambrecht (21 points), but Bergen’s game took the upper hand in the second half. Little by little they widened the gap to almost ten points (72-64) in the third quarter. In the end, the match ended at 94-82.

Leuven won against Brussels thanks to another monster game from Ryan Kriener (27 points and 11 rebounds). The visitors increased their lead over Brussels throughout the match (22-26, 43-52 and 63-79). Pavle Djurisic (32 points and 8 rebounds) was able to close the gap a bit, but not enough (88-98).

In the last game on Friday, Aalst had no problems at home with Mechelen (39-33 and 88-67). Vladimir Mihailovic finished as the top scorer (18 points).

In the standings, Bergen is in the lead with fifteen victories and three defeats, ahead of Ostend (14-3) and Aalst (11-8). This is followed by Antwerp (11-7), Charleroi (9-10), Leuven (7-12), Limburg United (8-9), Brussels (4-17), Mechelen (7-8) and Liège (4-13 ).

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