50 Basketball Memes to Download & Share

Basketball can be a serious sport, but when you see a funny Kobe Basketball Meme you can’t stop but laugh and share with your teammates. 

Besides, we all have that one guy on our team that doesn’t listen to the coach, shoots ridiculous fade-away shots for no reason and passes the ball to the third row. 

If you’re looking for basketball memes to poke fun at your not-so-gifted teammates you’re in the right place. 

Here are 50 basketball means to share with your teammates – organized by ridiculous and hilarious titles. 

Short Basketball Guard Memes (Aka. Muggsy Memes)

1. Muggsy – The Shortest Basketball Player in NBA History

Great player and an even greater defender – but we can still poke a little fun at the height mismatches he faced. 

2. Muggsy Played a Short Stint with the Toronto Raptors

Although he was no Kawhi on defence, Muggsy was a great player – on and off the court. 

3. Earl Boykins – Perhaps There is No Explanation Needed Here

Although not the shortest player in the league, Earl played a great career on the Denver Nuggets. 

4. Did this Celebrity Game Make You A Belieber?

Justin Beier is no basketball star, but he sure does look short standing beside the legendary Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls. 

5. It Seems Tim Duncan Is A Short Person Bully

This basketball meme needs no caption – just Tim Duncan being a bully to Patty Mills. 

White Men Can’t Jump Basketball Memes

If you’ve seen the movie (or, more recently, Jordan Kilgannon) you know that white men can jump. Either way, it’s still funny to pick on the one guy who can barely swipe at the mesh during rec league. 

6. Prove Us Wrong?

Some of the all-time leaders in passing are white guys who have great vision for the game – despite their lack of explosive strength. 

7. Barack Knows Best

If Barack says white men can’t jump and passes you the mic – what are you going to say?

8. Too Soon?

He is definitely jumping into a giant swimming pool guys – don’t worry. 

9. Rebound or Dunk Attempt Failed?

I really hope this guy is going for a rebound. 

10. Big Blocks on The King

Plumlee doesn’t care who comes down the lane – he challenges the king. 

11. Dwight is The Best

You can’t deny his logic – Dwight is the funniest and most real character in the Office… But I doubt he can jump. 

12. Who Needs to Jump Anyways?

I guess when you’re over 7 feet tall jumping is relative? 

13. Go Watch the Movie – NOW!

When your jump shot is just to smooth and there isn’t anything else to say. 

14. When You Finish Week 1 Of Your Plyometric Program

Vertical jump training is immediate – right? 

15. Pat Connaughton

Caption this hilarious expression. 

LA Lakers Basketball Memes

Any Lakers fans in the house? Hey, we all know you’re just Lebron band-wagoners, but here are a bunch of Lakers Memes to share with your squad. 

16. Kobe

Kobe – that is all. 

17. Scorers Gotta Get Bucket’s – Right?

We think all shooting guards should average 15-20 points a game. 

18. This Could Have Been a Dynamic Team

Nash and Kobe on the same team? It’s a shame they weren’t healthy. 

19. Best Basketball Meme Ever?

I would pass the rock to a wizard. 

20. Something is Wrong With This Picture

The all-star laker team is missing an important element in this Basketball meme. 

21. Only Real Fans Will Understand

Share this basketball meme with your Laker Group and see who gets it. 

22. Lakers Were Once A Dynasty 

Although LeBron seems to be working at getting the Championship back to LA, they have had some tough years recently. 

23. It’s Only Fitting #23 is For LeBron

The 2018-2019 season didn’t exactly go as LeBron planned – as you can see in this Basketball meme. 

24. Ladies and Gentlemen: JR Smith

King of the basketball meme world – JR Smith. 

25. Alex Caruso Flies Under The Radar

Although a rising star, Alex may not be deserving of this new logo idea. 

26. This is Why You ALWAYS Box Out

LeBron’s face when Caruso defies all laws of physics and the movie plot to White Men Can’t Jump

27. Caruso is a Star in the Basketball Meme Universe

For real though – Alex Caruso’s game is no joke. 

28. Luke Walton With Some Early Coaching

Luke Walton should have started and ended his career as a basketball coach. 

29. Last But Not Least

If anyone gives you flack about being a laker fan just share this funny basketball meme. 

Terrible Basketball Shooters Memes

We all have the one friend who takes forever to make his shot when you are shooting for teams. This basketball meme section is dedicated to all the brick shooters out there. 

30. Shoutout to All The Bad Free Throw Shooters Out There

12% percent or better?

31. Oh Demar – How The Raptors Desperately Needed To Trade You

He put in a great few years with the Raptors, but they had immediate success when this star left their team in exchange for Kawhi. 

32. Lonzo Form is Super Fundamental…

Share this basketball meme with all the Lonzo lovers out there – his jump shot is brick-city. 

33. Shooting Guards Who Can’t Shoot

We all have a teammate like this. 

34. Shawn Marion’s Form is Legendary

A great player who had a great career – but wow was his form ugly. 

Shawn Marion’s Form is Legendary

35. The “Self Proclaimed” Park Legend

Your local “Y” or the park always has one of these guys who tosses up bricks and gets mad when you can’t chase down the rebound. 

36. Steph Curry is A Legend

Arguably the best shooter of all time – he’d crush you blindfolded. 

37. Lakers Should Sign Jackie Moon

Best basketball movie and best basketball meme about shooters. 

Shaqtin-A-Fool Style Basketball Memes

We all make mistakes on the court, but when you’re an NBA professional we’re allowed to poke fun when you mess up. 

Checkout the best Shaqtin-a-fool style memes. 

38. Worst Miscommunication in NBA History

JR Smith is a fool. 

39. Had to Hit Him One More Time

JR Smith is still a fool. 

40. 200 IQ From Javale McGee 

Pretty solid logic here. 

41. Couldn’t Leave The Beard Out

Houston Small Ball in 2019-2020 was… meh. 

42. Javale Mcgee!!! 

Only real hoopers will know this joke but let’s not forget he is a 2x NBA champion. 

Funny Basketball Memes

Let’s round-off our list of Basketball memes with some pure laughter. 

43. Fear The Beard

I Really Hope This Actually Happens.

44. This Meme Never Gets Old

JR Really messed this one up. 

45. LOL Is that Manny Pacquiao?

Every basketball player wishes D-Rose was healthy again. 

46. Get It?!

Anthony Davis needs to tend to his Unibrow. 

47. LeBron Crushes Terry

He should’ve known to get out of the way. 

48. Defence wins Championship

Unless you are playing against the Splash Brothers. 

49. LeBron’s Hairline is Carved in History

Is LeBron using hair products or naw?

50. One More Basketball Meme for the Brow

Manscape dude, Manscape. 


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