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Kaleb Wesson leaves Oostende

Kaleb Wesson leaves Oostende, without wearing Oostende’s jersey. What is going with new centers in Oostende ? Jon Teske left Oostende only a couple of days after arriving in Belgium for “personnal reasons”, now Kaleb Wesson will also leave Oostende without playing a game for Dario Gjergja’s team ! If Jon Teske left Oostende because…


Kaleb Wesson signs with Oostende (VIDEO)

Kaleb Wesson signs with Oostende to replace Jon Teske. Kaleb Wesson (21 yo/ 2M11) is Oostende’s new center. With Thomas Welsh’s injury, Oostende was looking for a center. They first signed Jon Teske, but he leaved the team before playing, for personnal reasons. But Oostende quickly signed Kaleb Wesson. Wesson played for Ohio State in…