Paul Vervaeck will leave Kangoeroes Mechelen

According to HNB, Paul Vervaeck will leave Kangoeroes Mechelen at the end of the season.

Kangoeroes Mechelen will start a new era next season. With the signings of youngster like Jo Van Buggenhout and Joppe Mennes. They will have a partnership with Guco Lier, where the youngsters will receive a lot of playing time.

Arvid Diels will be the coach of the Women’s team. Billie and Becky Massey also signed a 3 year-contract with Mechelen.

But Paul Vervaeck will not stay with the club: “I am not involved in the new plans of the Kangoeroes Mechelen. My option for a third season was not picked up“, Paul Vervaeck tells Nieuwsblad.

Vervaeck is very disappointed with the decision: “This is a bitter pill to swallow. Didn’t we qualify for the Belgian Cup final for the first time in club history ?

But Paul Vervaeck still wants to coach in Beneleague next season: “This creates clarity. Those interested now know that I am available. With my experience in Dutch basketball, I am looking forward to the BeNe League. In Belgium or in the Netherlands, I would like to coach at the launch of this project.

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