Kenneth “Speedy” Smith to leave Antwerp ?

Kenneth “Speedy” Smith to leave Antwerp ? According to different sources, CSP Limoges wants to sign Speedy Smith to replace DeMarcus Nelson. Limoges played 3 games in Basketball Champions League this season (1 win, 2 losses) and hi currently 9th in Jeep Elite.

Antwerp confirmed that the club was contacted by Limoges for a transfert. Smith is still under contract with Antwerp and if Limoges wants to sign him, they will have to find an agreement with Antwerp and pay a buy out.

If Smith leaves Antwerp, it will be a big loss for Christophe Beghin’s team. The point guard was decisive in Antwerp’s win against Lietkabelis this week.

In Eurocup, Smith averages 15 points, 6 assists and 2.5 rebounds.

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Kenneth Smith leaves Antwerp

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