Dave Dudzinski leaves Antwerp, signs in Turkey

Dave Dudzinski leaves Antwerp, signs in Turkey with Bursaspor.

After 4 seasons with Antwerp, captain Dave Dudzinski has decided to leave Antwerp. Next season he will play in Turkey, with Bursaspor.

On Instagram, Dudzinski posted a message to thank Antwerp: “It’s been my greatest pleasure to wear the Antwerp jersey for 4 years. I may have a little less cartilage in the knees than the guy in the second picture did, but all the miles were well worth it. It is impossible to sum up 4 years of memories in this Instagram post. I want to name so many things so I will just say thank you.
Thank you to the organization and board of directors for building us up and giving me a chance to shine on a big stage.
Thank you to the fans for following us so closely in this last COVID season. Your messages meant so much to me. Looking back at photos and seeing Lotto Arena completely full made me emotional.
Thank you to all my teammates who trusted me to be captain. You all elevated my game so much.
Thank you to Chris, Roel, Randy, Thomas for coaching me. I learned and grew so much. Guy and Leo for getting me and keeping me in Antwerp. You guys are seriously under appreciated.
Special shout out to Koen, our physio. Quite literally the best in the business. Wish I could take you with me.
Thank you to the city of Antwerp for an amazing experience. I could spend hours walking the streets and sometimes I did. I will for sure be back in ‘t stad some day.
I wish we had won a championship together. I look back knowing I did all I could to help and it wasn’t enough. I feel a bit like Will Smith in the last episode of Fresh Prince standing alone in an empty house. But it’s just time for me to move on, so one more time.

Thank you Antwerp.

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